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Education pricing is available for the following software: Feature AnalystTM, LIDAR AnalystTM, and OpticeTM.

Yes, all of our software can be used on a trial basis, typically the trial period is 14 days.

Education License Requirements:

  • Enrolled in an accredited college/university.
  • Academic institution e-mail address (requires .EDU e-mail account or that you provide by email a copy of your official class schedule for the current or upcoming semester verifying that you are student in good standing.)

Non-profit research institutions whose primary mission is non-commercial scientific research may also be eligible. Please contact us.

All of our software offered on this site is EAR99.

Most of our desktop software only supports the Windows operating system. The exception is RemoteView, which primarily supports Windows, but also supports Linux RHEL 7 and CentOS Linux 7.

Our software primarily operates as standalone software. The only exceptions are Feature AnalystTM and LIDAR AnalystTM, which operate as extensions to the ArcGIS desktop program, and will also be extensions to ArcGIS Pro in the near future.

The majority of our software is desktop based. The exception is SeeGEOTM, which is web-based.

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This course provides hands-on training using the full spectrum of geospatial exploitation and analysis capabilities. Unleash the full power of the software by mastering the entire range of capabilities to best meet your individual and team needs.


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