LIDAR Analyst™
Extract mission-critical content from lidar data
Extract and Visualize content from lidar data

LIDAR Analyst automatically extracts bare earth terrain, 3D buildings, tree points and contour lines to depict elevation.LIDAR data is processed quickly, allowing you to visualize and understand the world around you for critical decision making.

LIDAR Analyst is tightly integrated with the Esri® ArcGIS® platform to provide a user-friendly, end-to-end solution. All products generated from LIDAR Analyst can be directly imported into RemoteView™ and have shared modeling compatibility with Feature Analyst™, allowing simultaneous extraction routines from imagery and LIDAR data.



2D and 3D data


3D building shapes


2D and 3D data


2D and 3D data

Core details
  • Import and process LIDAR data from any aerial sensor.
  • Extract bare earth terrain, 3D buildings, tree points or contour lines for depicting elevation.
  • Quickly generate, modify and analyze elevation layers to quantify the impacts from natural disasters like floods, fires, volcanoes and landslides.
  • Perform real-time editing and analysis from a point cloud, top surface or bare earth.
  • Create highly accurate and detailed 3D scenes using live data for mission planning and rehearsal.



Hardware Requirements

Intel® 2.0 GHz or better, 4 GB or better on client

Supported Software

ESRI® ArcGIS® 10.x

Operating Systems

Windows® 7 or newer



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